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Why I Hate The Word ‘Hater’

I think I’ve heard the word ‘hater’ just about everywhere. It’s a relatively new term, but ever since I first heard it uttered by a super fan, by a celebrity, or by a politician (yep), I’ve been a little irked by it. Sure, haters exist. To me, a ‘hater’ is a person who actively goes out of their way to dislike something or someone for no logical reason. Directioners hating the band’s partners, film-goers hating a film before knowing anything  ...

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Truly Devious by Maureen Johnson

Before I started reading Truly Devious, I asked Twitter for a specific kind of book. While books about private/boarding schools may seem plentiful to some, the one that I’m looking for has some type of essence to it. I think The Secret History captured it the most, even though I  ...

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Bands & Bops: The 1975

Music’s a bit good, isn’t it? I don’t think about it too much, because when something is such a prevalent thing in your life, you don’t, do you? But music is one of those things that’s just intrinsicallyΒ human.Β We took sound and said “Now let’s make it  ...

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