Welcome to the hollieblog!

So things just got a little fancier, didn’t they?

Welcome to the hollieblog, for all things bookish and writerly. I’m Hollie, a writer and vivacious reader who’s been blogging for years on a little known site called Tumblr.

While being a part of the loving booklr community, I had an idea – expansion. I post reviews and recs on my tumblr, but while that’s all fine and dandy, the blog doesn’t look exactly…original. Reblogs and likes and posts that are off topic have begun to clog up the pages, and sometimes it’s difficult for a reader to decipher what’s mine and what’s not.

Enter the hollieblog, a domain which is completely my own, full of all my posts and photos. Original content. Always.

Whilst in the process of building this blog up, I will be posting a lot of older reviews you may have seen before from either my booklr or my goodreads account. However, once the ball is rolling, we’ll all be up to date. If you’re new here, feel free to check out my booklr to see the echo of what I hope this blog will be, or check out my about page.

Happy reading!



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