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Just Some Good LGBTQ+ Recs

As we all know, I love an LGBTQ+ book.

For some, that could mean many different things. What constitutes as an LGBTQ+ books? What factors do we have to consider? For me, and LGBTQ+ book focuses on LGBTQ+ characters. It doesn’t have to be about their sexuality, it doesn’t have to be a coming out story, but the community themselves have to take centre stage.

For example, there are books with LGBTQ+ characters (And I Darken, A Darker Shade of magic, Daisy Jones, etc), and then there are LGBTQ+ books, which I want to recommend today in celebration of #PrideMonth! Obviously, the definition is somewhat subjective, and one cannot pin-down what makes a book one or the other. But for me, that’s how I categorise them. These are some recent LGBTQ+ reads that I wanted to share (and shout about) for Pride Month.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins-Reid

the seven husbands of evelyn hugo

Can we keep talking about this book? I don’t want the hype to ever die down. Sad, profound, yet oh so beautiful. The Golden Age of Hollywood has never looked the same to me. So many great conversations are made in this book, including homophobia within the movie industry (and just society in general), fame, sexism in Hollywood and so much more that I don’t want to spoil! My review is here.

We Contain Multitudes

we contain multitudes

If you know me, then you’ll know that this book BLEW ME AWAY.

Told through letters for an English assignment, two seemingly different boys develop a friendship and a blossoming love for each other. This is a classic romantic coming of age contemporary, with serious topics and heart-wrenchingly beautiful moments. My review is here.

Red, White & Royal Blue

This book was a weird one for me. I had trouble with the beginning, only because it was clearly an American author writing about the British royal family and some aspects of British culture. It was a bit cringe, but then the story grows so much that eclipses that. Emotional, true to life with a strong message, Red, White & Royal Blue is that scandalous relationship that we all secretly love. My review is here.

Proud by Various Authors

Ugh, what a dream. I’m not one to pick up an anthology, but short stories surrounding queer identities written by actual queer people? Sign me up! I may have cried at a few, laughed at others. But what I found was a real gem that I can keep coming back to when I feel like my TBR isn’t gay enough.

Of course, there are many LGBTQ+ books that I’ve read in the past and excited to read in the future. What are some LGBTQ+ books you’re excited to read? Give me your recommendations!


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    June 20, 2019 at 12:43 pm

    I love Evelyn Hugo so much

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