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Monthly Favourites: February

February is purely a favourite just for being a month.

Nestled in between winter and spring, February can often be the boring month. The only films in the cinema are shit that no one cares about and Oscar-bait, you can’t decide if you need a coat or not when you go outside, and shops won’t shut up about Valentine’s Day even though you’re a single pringle.

But who cares about that; it’s my birthday. This is February.


When you put a book lover and a birthday together, what do you get? Books, books and MORE BOOKS. This month I was over-indulged with a TBR list sky high that it almost became intimidating.


Perched on the end of my bookshelf was A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab, a fantasy novel set in three different Londons; the one we know now (or at least historically), a magical London, and an energy-starved London. The world building is fantastic and delicious, engrossing you completely and utterly. I’m currently working my way through the second novel just released a few weeks ago and I cannot get enough. Honestly, an absolute gem. My review for this wonder is over on my tumblr.

Places to buy A Darker Shade of Magic:

Buy The Book Now at The Book Depository, Free Delivery World Wide


Because of books, television has become this little glimmer of the weekend. Nowadays, I barely have time to nestle into bed and binge watch Netflix. Although, I do try my best.

Masters of Sex is a shoMASTERS OF SEX (Pilot)w from way back in 2008, depicting the (rather fictional) lives of Willaim Masters and Virginia Johnson, pioneers in research of human sexuality. When googling Masters and Johnson, I found that, no, it’s not like they had prolific lives of drama and scorned love, it was all about the research.

But Masters of Sex encompasses the joy of both.

While in some areas I’ve found it to be lacking inclusiveness of sexuality, I have to remember that it’s set in the fifties. Just because they were considered open-minded back then, doesn’t mean they’d be the definition of open-minded now.


 I think I’ve been bletroye-sivan-bad-neighbourhoodssed over the last few months. I’ve been finding new music consistently to the point where even my music taste is changing slightly.

I never thought I’d lo
ve the music of Youtuber Troye Sivan, who pours his heart into every single song. Like a lot of people, I treated Troye Sivan’s music as if he were releasing a Youtube book; dull, lacking depth, and money-grabbing. But, after listening to more and more of the album Blue Neighbourhood on Spotify, I was sorely mistaken.

Blue Neighbourhood is a beautiful blend of electronica, longing and nostalgia. It makes you stare out at the dawn on a cold February morning whilst sat at the back of the bus, want to confess your love, or stand at the bottom of an empty swimming pool. I dunno. Hipster things. But, the only thing worth noting, is the known fact that before all else, Troye Sivan is an artist.


I think it would be silly of me to not mention how this month was the birth of this blog. Granted, I’ve been blogging under the ‘hollieblog’ guise for almost two years now. But, did I have my own domain? Did I have affiliates? A professional appearance? After trying WordPress once before and becoming completely freaked out by it, I’ve given it another go. And while I’m still getting to grips with the way of the world on this site, I think I can say I’m coming along just fine. Happy Birthday, Hollieblog!


I stumbled upon this channel due to pure wanderlust. Damon & Jo met in college, and now make videos on how to travel the world and still have some money left in your pocket. They’re all about that affordable life and dream life mixed together.

But it’s not just sleeping in airports and avoiding the extra baggage charge, they’ve got hilarious and uplifting videos about being a more culturally aware and well-rounded person. While being multi-lingual, Damon & Jo sometimes post videos in French, Portuguese, and Spanish. They’re here to represent and present to as many people as possible. They’ve got a quick editing style with hand-held cameras that make it feel like you’re on a skype convo with them while they tell you about some of the best places to get ice-cream in New York.

I could kick myself for not finding them sooner, and you would too.

Here’s their channel trailer.

And, as dusk sets on February, March slowly approaches. Easter’s around the corner, and….is that the sun? Join me next month where I’ll be talking about my faaaave things of March. Hopefully, I’ll actually watch a film.

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