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Nanowrimo 2017: A Reflection (Week 4)

And lo, Nanowrimo ended once again.

I always feel a little low and creatively exhausted after November, and it usually means that I stop writing for the rest of December and don’t pick it up again until the new year. A part of me think that’s ok; it’s perfectly fine to step back from your work for a bit and come back to it with fresh eyes, but another part just wishes I could keep going because reaching 50,000 words doesn’t necessarily mean finishing the story. In fact, I’m far from it.

However, I’m so proud of myself that I reached 50,000 five days before the 30th! That wasn’t the plan, but I was 5000 words off before my work experience started, which meant I did no writing during the week because I couldn’t physically make myself while I was living on trains in the mornings and evenings and working all day. But, I did it. It’s there, 50,000 words of something that I want to turn into a manuscript and eventually, after many edits, send off to potential agents!


For visuals, I liked the idea of hitting my 2250 daily word goal each time so it looked like clean steps. But a boss lady ain’t got time for that.

As per usual, after every Nano I always question my story and lose faith in it. I think that’s normal – I think after working on something so intensely for so long makes you slightly sick of it, and I know deep down that I love this story and I love these characters, they just need molding into something phenomenal. And next year is gonna be their time.

For now, all my writing will be focused on blog posts and bullet journalling. But I’ll never stop myself if I ever feel the urge to write. Getting that feeling organically is so magical that I could never turn it down, so you never know, another 50,000 words might be on the cards this December?

But probably not.

If anyone’s interested in what I’ve been writing, I wrote a little blurb in my introductory post, and if you’re really interested in my work, I also have a Spotify playlist that I’ve been listening to while writing in November.

Let me know how you’ve done this year. Did you finish Nanowrimo completely? Did you meet your own personal goal? Let’s chat about writing in the comments!

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