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Welcome to Nanowrimo Week THREE, where the end is near and your crying just got more dramatic. I haven’t picked a book up in so long because I just can’t stop thinking about this novel I’m writing. I’ve day dreamed about it, had actual dreams about it, and often forgotten that the plot I’m thinking of isn’t a plot from a novel I’m reading, but a novel I’m writing, and that’s exciting!

However, my stats are not:


My WIP will be nowhere near finished when I reach 50,000. Because it’s a high fantasy, it is a part of a genre that is known for being long, and that’s exactly what it’s coming to. No big action-y stuff is happening, and you’re still only getting to know the characters, and I’m already at 34,000!

As you can tell by the super intimidating graph that has been spurring me on this whole time, I hit a bump in the road this weekend when I left the house for a day or two. Crazy, I know. Friday morning, I was able to write 600 words and was then off to a Panic! At The Disco concert. I didn’t get back home to my laptop until Saturday afternoon, when I was then whisked off to the cinema to see Doctor Strange. My novel suffered (and I did too in regards to the amount of hours sleep I got).

I hope to get to at least 35,000 by the end of today, and maybe even push it to 36,000 if I can.

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  1. hiraethforthepages

    November 20, 2016 at 8:21 pm

    Great job on your NanoWriMo! Even with the bump, you’re still on schedule and it appears everything is going really well! I on the other hand am 7000 words BEHIND the schedule and I have a massive exam next week so I have no idea what is going to happen! XD The best of luck for everything! You sound like you had such a fun weekend! 🙂

    1. hollie (hollieblog)

      November 20, 2016 at 9:30 pm

      Aww thankyou! <3 You never know! Nano works in mysterious ways, you might catch up! And even if you don't, you can take as long as you need ^_^ I did thankyou! P!ATD are AMAZING LIVE!

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