The Book Theme Meme | The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

So last week, I came across this fantastic meme over at Lila’s beautiful blog, The Book Keeper’s Secrets, and honestly, I got a little bit excited. You’re gonna see this meme a lot on my blog. A LOT.


The Book Theme Meme’s aim is to pair a book with a song or piece of music. How do they relate to each other in your opinion? It can be in any way, shape or form. It might not relate at all, but when you hear a particular song, you think of a particular book or series.


This week, I’ve chosen one of my all time favourite books, The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, a beautiful, magical tale set in Victorian England, where two magicians battle for the top spot in a competition that spans years.

The song I’m pairing it with is a song (covered) by Rufus Wainwright, called ‘Complaint De La Butte’. A song that appeared on the Moulin Rouge OST, which also happens to link to the book in my eyes.

While the song is very, very French, it still fits perfectly with the time frame and setting of The Night Circus. It’s melodic, gentle, and magical. To me, it truly resembles everything about Celia and Marco’s story. And I hope, should it every become a film/show, the song appears on the soundtrack. Moulin Rouge! is also one my favourite films, coincidentally set in the same time as The Night Circus, with magical realism rather than magic. But to me, it all wraps up together in this little magical trilogy of book-film-song. I adore all three, but every time I hear ‘Complaint De La Butte’, I think of The Night Circus.

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