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Welcome to another addition of The Book Theme Meme, created by Lila over at The Bookeeper’s Secrets. Apparently, I’m a game show presenter now.

The Book Theme Meme’s aim is to pair a book with a song or piece of music. How do they relate to each other in your opinion? It can be in any way, shape or form. It might not relate at all, but when you hear a particular song, you think of a particular book or series.

This week…uh…I think I’m being slightly daring. I’ve chosen one of my fave series, The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater. A series that, very soon, will be coming to an end when The Raven King is released next week (although I’ve already seen it in a few book stores already!).


The Raven Cycle tells the story of Blue Sargent, daughter to a psychic and a housemate to other psychics. But here’s the thing, Blue is not a psychic. After a yearly psychic phenomenon that let’s Blue and her mother see the ghosts of the future’s dead, Blue is cursed with the destiny that her true love will die if she kisses them.

Meanwhile, a group of best friends, Richard Gansey, Ronan Lynch, Adam Parrish, and Noah Czerny know that they live in a town not quite the same as anywhere else. The place is rippling with psychic energy, and one Welsh king that Gansey has his heart to set out to find.

And yes, I’m going to be pairing these books with Drive by Halsey.

I had only just got into The Raven Cycle when that little hiccup between Maggie and Halsey happened; I wasn’t entirely sure what was going on. It was bad communication between the two + fans of both parties. I remember traipsing through Twitter to find the back and forth and when I did, I found the drama to be a little blown out of proportion. But, since that, I always associate Drive with specifically, The Dream Thieves.

Not only are they both so atmospheric, but it sounds so much that the song was written about the book. I mean, after reading what people had to say, that obviously wasn’t the case, but still. How can you get it so damn right without meaning to?

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