Hello, welcome to my first TOP 5 WEDNESDAY, which I’m so excited to start doing because BOOK COMMUNITY and LET’S TALK ABOUT BOOKS.

I am a strong believer in finishing a book. I have read books that I loathed from the first 100 pages, but I just kept going because I have a tiny thought that if I don’t, then the book would have defeated me.

But then there are some where you just can’t.

5. Delirium by Lauren Oliverbookcover_home_delirium

I read Panic by Lauren Oliver once in a summer of unemployment. It was fine, but it wasn’t fantastic. Why I didn’t learn learn my lesson and picked up Delirium, I have no idea. I read around 50 pages, and I don’t think anything happened. The character did things, but things that I didn’t care about – and neither did she. She had no emotion, no voice. It was just boring as, a common reason for DNFs.

4. Steelheart by Brandon Sandersonsteelheart_cover

Brandon Sanderson is worshipped in the book community. Booktubers and bloggers across the land praise his Mistborn trilogy as an epic sci-fi that beats all. Some even call him The King of Sci-Fi. Imagine my delight when I saw his new book (at the time) for a £1 in the charity shop down the road? I swiped it up and dove straight in…and closed it again. It’s just an action film in a book. And not a fun, interesting action film, one that Jason Statham would do. One where the female character is just a love interest who’s described as “hot!” and wears tight clothes. Nah, not for me.

3. City of Fallen Angelscity-of-fallen-angels-cover-image

Now, if Brandon Sanderson is The King of Sci-Fi, then Cassandra Clare is The Queen
of YA. She’s everywhere, churning out a Shadowhunter book almost every year. For some stupid reason, I read City of Bones, City of Ashes, and City of Glass, desperately trying to find this magical thing that made people fall in love. When it got to City of Fallen Angels, I just didn’t care.

Her Infernal Devices trilogy is better, but that’s comparing it to TMI, so it’s not saying much.

2. The Foxhole Court41esjgtntyl-_sx333_bo1204203200_

Now THIS story was one right up my street. There’s nothing like seeing aesthetically pleasing photosets on Tumblr to make you want to read a book. An crime-mystery with an LGBT romance? Yes please.

No, no thank you.

Just a bunch of interchangeable guys talking about a fictional sport and being awful to each other. No romance, apparently I have to read two more books to get to that.

1. Breaking Dawn00026546

It goes without saying, but I have real problems with the Twilight Saga, especially Breaking Dawn, who has a teenage boy fall in love with a baby. Please don’t correct me in the comments, I know it’s not ~~technically~~ love, it’s imprinting, but to me, it was a ridiculous bow on a ridiculous ending. I DNF’d with only about 100 pages left.


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  1. allenstephanie27

    March 24, 2016 at 10:27 pm

    Girl, I struggled so hard with Breaking Dawn too!!
    I almost DNF’d at about 100 pages too, but skimmed over the last part… That counts as a finish, right?? hahaha

    1. hollie (hollieblog)

      March 25, 2016 at 6:34 pm

      It was just so bad haha!

  2. journeyofangie

    March 30, 2016 at 12:07 am

    I struggled with Breaking Dawn too, I’m not a fan of Bella, nor Jacob. And I was hoping since it’s the last book Ms. Meyer will grace us with Edward’s POV, but NO! She gave Jacob, a lot of space on the book when Edward is supposed to be the lead guy. Anyway, I’m currently struggling with City of Bones, one of my DNF. If you’re interested, here’s my list:

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