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Negative Reviews: Why We Write Them

This post used to be called Negative Reviews: Should We Write Them? But after conducting a poll on Twitter (which got over 300 votes, thank you!) and watching a lot of Booktube videos, I decided that I already know the answer to that question. It’s pretty clear that negative reviews should be written. And I feel like asking that question is counter-productive to the point I’m trying to make. Instead of asking should we, I want to talk about why I think they’re important,  ...

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YALC Survival Guide 2018

I did not expect to be writing this a mere two days before I left for YALC. Back in 2016, I wrote a YALC survival guide and not only did I promote it for last year’s convention, I also planned to do it this year. However, after reading it, I cannot in good faith promote it when it just  ...

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The Sunshine Blogger Awards #2

Hello, welcome back, hope you’re well and keeping warm. It’s a snowy tundra outside at the moment, and I’m writing this just so my fingers warm up. When you’re whole neighbourhood is covered in snow and you’re trying to wrap up warm, pretend your sat out in the  ...

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