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Monthly Favourites

Monthly Favourites: February

February is purely a favourite just for being a month. Nestled in between winter and spring, February can often be the boring month. The only films in the cinema are shit that no one cares about and Oscar-bait, you can’t decide if you need a coat or not when you go outside, and shops won’t shut up about Valentine’s Day even though you’re a single pringle. But who cares about that; it’s my birthday. This is February. BOOKS When you put a book lover and a  ...

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Bookish, Misc.

A February Haul.

February has always been the month for book buying for me. Not only is it my birthday, but the month’s wages are significantly bigger, and I still have Christmas money leftover. Yes, February is a good month. And of course, what else am I going to do than buy books that I have no room  ...

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Welcome to the hollieblog!

So things just got a little fancier, didn’t they? Welcome to the hollieblog, for all things bookish and writerly. I’m Hollie, a writer and vivacious reader who’s been blogging for years on a little known site called Tumblr. While being a part of the loving booklr community, I  ...

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