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Big thank you to Gollancz for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the Master of Sorrows blog tour! I was kindly gifted an advance copy to review before the release date. Blogs that I’m sharing today’s stop with are listed below.

You have heard the story before – of a young boy, orphaned through tragic circumstances, raised by a wise old man, who comes to a fuller knowledge of his magic and uses it to fight the great evil that threatens his world.

But what if the boy hero and the malevolent, threatening taint were one and the same?

What if the boy slowly came to realise he was the reincarnation of an evil god? Would he save the world…or destroy it.

Among the Academy’s warrior-thieves, Annev de Breth is an outlier. Unlike his classmates who were stolen as infants from the capital city, Annev was born in the small village of Chaenbalu, was believed to be executed, and then unknowingly raised by his parents’ killers.

Master of Sorrows

Seventeen years later, Annev struggles with the burdens of a forbidden magic, a forgotten heritage, and a secret deformity. When he is subsequently caught between the warring ideologies of his priestly mentor and the Academy’s masters, he must choose between forfeiting his promising future at the Academy or betraying his closest friends. Each decision leads to a deeper dilemma, until Annev finds himself pressed into a quest he does not wish to fulfil.

Will he finally embrace the doctrine of his tutors, murder a stranger, and abandon his mentor? Or will he accept the more difficult truth of who he is…and the darker truth of what he may become…

So this is a big, epic dark fantasy. How more dark can you get than the protagonist becoming villainous? Throughout the story, you can feel Annev’s pull towards evil, but I think the most interesting part of the story for me was the backstory about the Gods.

First of all, Gods are always absolutely hilarious.

They’re fickle, petty and dramatic. They live for the drama, and I love hearing stories about them. Be it from mythology or a fictional story. The evil god in Master of Sorrows is, to me, the pettiest I’ve ever comes across. I even saw myself in him a little, which is even funnier. (But also I’m not an evil god, I promise).

There are a lot of very standard tropes throughout the story, which can make it seem samey. However, I do like the familiarity it gives me with the genre. I’m not very big on epic, dark fantasies, so while the tropes can feel overused, sometimes it’s nice to have some tropes that I’m used to. From the magical school to the outsider kid who doesn’t fit in with everyone else.

Master of Sorrows is out now!

Master of Sorrows

Publisher: Gollancz
Release Date: 21st February 2019
Rating: ☆ .5


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  1. tasya @ the literary huntress

    February 24, 2019 at 10:24 am

    I’m surprised I’ve never heard of this book before, it sounds like my type of book! The cover is beautiful, the blurb sounds epic, and love me some petty gods! xD Not to mention, I’m always up for some villain-origin story. Can’t wait to read this one!

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