The Midnight Star by Marie Lu

Who doesn’t love an anti-heroine?

You know I do. I’ve written posts about why and how much I love them. From female villains to female protagonists who are straight up morally ambiguous, I love a female character who is kinda mean (or really mean), is a little selfish (or a lot selfish) and who is a little bloodthirsty (oh hell, she’s really bloodthirsty).

It took me a little while to return to Adelina’s story. Was it because I didn’t want it to end? Or because I couldn’t find a hardback version of The Midnight Star to match my other editions? Definitely both. I have honestly enjoyed this story; Adelina’s descent into villainy is not something you usually read about in female led stories. The amount of stories out there about men becoming evil for no reason at all is astounding. Honestly, man gets rejected by girl and so does horrific things. Rinse and repeat.

The Midnight Star

But Adelina’s story is different and fantastical and is the result of a life downtrodden and oppressed, and I’m surprised why this isn’t a person’s reaction in real life. People talk about the snap but this book really dives into what it means to just snap. Plus, it’s set in a Italian renaissance inspired world where part of the population have magic abilities, which is one of my favourite (and quite specific) book topics (Nevernight, anyone?).

strongly suggest you pick up this book if you love a good nasty girl, if you’d love to read about a girl wreak havoc on the people who hurt her for years. You won’t feel bloodthirsty until you live through Adelina Amorteru’s vengeance.

Publisher: Penguin
Release Date: October 2016
Rating: ☆ ☆ 


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