The Music of What Happens by Bill Konigsberg

The Music of What Happens is my first audiobook experience.

I’m going to write a whole post about audiobooks, so for now I’ll just stick to the book itself, which was a mixture of good and annoying.

And…ok, maybe I’m going to talk about the fact that it was an audiobook a little bit.

It turns out, narration affects how you feel about the characters almost entirely. The Music of What Happens has two narrators, and while I could listen to one very easily, the other one was awful to listen to. His dialogue wasn’t the problem, it was his voice. The narrator made the character sound whiny and childish when really, he wasn’t. It wasn’t aligning with what the character was actually saying.

The Music of What Happens audiobook cover

I feel like if I had read it myself, rather than listened to him, I wouldn’t have thought him as that bad.

The plot however, was very heartwarming. Or more like heart-boiling because it was set in Texas in the height of summer. Two characters, from the same town with very little in common, end up running a food truck during summer break. It’s cute, but also deals with a lot of serious topics that happen before the book starts and during the story.

It can be difficult to read/listen to sometimes, but both narrators (despite getting annoyed by one of them), did the words justice. And of course, the author himself didn’t shy away from very problematic things that aren’t always addressed in the LGBTQ+ community.

I’ve read some of Bill Konigsberg’s previous novels, and I’m excited to read (or listen to) even more!)

Publisher: Scholastic Audio
Release Date: February 2019
Rating: ☆☆☆☆  


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