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Mental Illness Changed My Personality | Sortin’ My Life Out

You know, when you put yourself in a new environment, you notice different things about yourself. Things you’d never known, you could have guessed, and even things you thought you knew. Over the past month, I’ve put myself into a lot of new situations. Or, situations that have become new since my last mental health episode. Since getting better and back on my feet, I haven’t thought much about how a mental illness could change me. Sure, it changed me while I was going  ...

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An Amateur’s Guide to Stockholm

Stretched across fourteen islands on the east ‘bum’ of Sweden lies the capital Stockholm, a vibrant, friendly city buzzing with tourists and residents alike wrapped in hats, scarves, and drinking expensive coffee. Welcome to an amateur’s guide, where I, an amateur traveller,  ...

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On the Kindness Of Strangers

Today, I had a bad day. Bad days, over the last few months, have been common for me. There are bad days and there are non-days which, to me, are bad days. But recently, as I’ve gained support and understanding from friends, family, and professionals, my bad days are few. But sometimes,  ...

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