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Just Some Good LGBTQ+ Recs

As we all know, I love an LGBTQ+ book. For some, that could mean many different things. What constitutes as an LGBTQ+ books? What factors do we have to consider? For me, and LGBTQ+ book focuses on LGBTQ+ characters. It doesn’t have to be about their sexuality, it doesn’t have to be a coming out story, but the community themselves have to take centre stage. For example, there are books with LGBTQ+ characters (And I Darken, A Darker Shade of magic, Daisy Jones, etc), and then  ...

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Books I Need To Re-Read

I’m doing it. I’m hosting a readathon. As someone who never re-reads a book, I want to make a change. There are so many books out there that I’ve read, loved and forgotten or read, felt luke warm towards and also forgotten. But as my TBR pile grows and more new and exciting  ...

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