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Sortin’ My Life Out | Prologue

So no one told you life was gonna be this waaaaaay¬†ūüé∂ Surprisingly enough, no. No one told me I’d be writing a blog series about trying to sort my life out at 25. I wanted to avoid talking about fresh starts, new beginnings, and rebirths, because nothing of the sort is going to be happening here. My body is still my body, my mind is still my mind, my history and career and past are all still there, and instead of dropping it all and starting with a clean slate, I’m going to be  ...

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On the Kindness Of Strangers

Today, I had a bad day. Bad days, over the last few months, have been common for me. There are bad days and there are non-days which, to me, are bad days. But recently, as I’ve gained support and understanding from friends, family, and professionals, my bad days are few. But sometimes,  ...

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