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Why I Hate The Word ‘Hater’

I think I’ve heard the word ‘hater’ just about everywhere. It’s a relatively new term, but ever since I first heard it uttered by a super fan, by a celebrity, or by a politician (yep), I’ve been a little irked by it. Sure, haters exist. To me, a ‘hater’ is a person who actively goes out of their way to dislike something or someone for no logical reason. Directioners hating the band’s partners, film-goers hating a film before knowing anything  ...

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Instagram Isn’t Fun Anymore

Is it a bold statement to say Instagram isn’t fun anymore? Regardless of the discourse surrounding social media and what it means to be addicted to or, dare I say it, enjoy it, social media has to have some kind of fun to keep its users from not jumping ship to another platform. I stopped  ...

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Youtube Channels I’m Loving Right Now

So Youtube takes up a lot of my time. But hey, it’s a thing you can do while multi-tasking. I write a lot of my blog posts with Youtube in the background, and these are the channels I get most excited about when they upload! Conan Gray Conan has one of the most beautiful channels on  ...

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On Writing


Hello, welcome to Nanowrimo week two, and the worst week of 2016. Yes, this week has a nation divided between love and hate, and hey, it isn’t even a nation that I live in. But, considering American news is broadcast everywhere (although it is not vice versa), I am fully aware of what is  ...

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