Youtube Channels I’m Loving Right Now

So Youtube takes up a lot of my time. But hey, it’s a thing you can do while multi-tasking. I write a lot of my blog posts with Youtube in the background, and these are the channels I get most excited about when they upload!

Conan Gray

Conan has one of the most beautiful channels on Youtube. There, I said it. He uses his passion for art to make meaningful and creative content that is honestly what I love about Youtube itself. Plus, this boy is cute as a button.

Billy Maier

I’ve only just found Billy recently after the heartbreak that was SKAM ending. Thankfully, I can now live vicariously through a teenage boy somewhere in the United States. Billy is uploading videos almost daily of himself reacting to each episode of SKAM. Not only are his reactions hilarious and dramatic, he also just understands very easily what this show is about, and I love how he picks up on things quickly (because I certainly didn’t!) This video is by far my favourite because it was one of the things he got hilariously wrong.


Cheyenne Barton

Cheyenne has definitely been my inspiration for working on my bullet journal. While I’m trying to find my own style and ways I can make my bullet journal my own, Cheyenne’s flip through videos and monthly plan with me’s are great to stick on while you’re working, even just for background noise. I especially love the attention to detail to her doodles, and even just the chatty parts when she talks of memories she’s given spreads to.


Jenna Marbles

I have been subscribed to Jenna Marbles for years and I have always loved her videos, but in the last few months I have begun cry laughing at the videos she has been releasing, especially the ones that include her boyfriend, Julien. While they have slightly different senses of humour, they compliment each other so well to the point where they make each other laugh, which is the best kind of comedy.



Dark Squidge is the second channel of popular youtuber Tomska, a comedy filmmaker who is also known for animation (but refuses to call himself an animator). While his main channel videos take a considerably longer time to make what with budgets, production crews and sponsors, his side channel weekly vlogs are videos I get excited for every Monday/Tuesday and are hilarious and sad at the same time…depending on what type of week it is. He also just got a puppy!!


Share in the comments what channels you’re loving at the moment! I’m always welcome to recommendations!

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Hello, welcome to Nanowrimo week two, and the worst week of 2016.

Yes, this week has a nation divided between love and hate, and hey, it isn’t even a nation that I live in. But, considering American news is broadcast everywhere (although it is not vice versa), I am fully aware of what is going on across the Atlantic and have nothing but sympathy for the people who are already suffering, and hope you can continue to march on in protest.

So while this week has been bloody awful, I’ve actually been making great progress with my novel, and am now two days ahead of my daily goals. Woohoo! (I mean, I haven’t written anything yet today, but come 9PM I’m writing until I go to sleep).


This is due, in part, to my two day departure from social media on Wednesday and Thursday, where I’ve found that horrific news incredibly affects my mental health. I had a very similar reaction to Brexit, and even worse so, considering it was news from my actual country, and was forced to come off social media for a while. It’s a strange feeling, because you empathise with the people on Twitter who are talking about it (and also don’t want come across as ignorant and blase about everything), but you also have to remember that social media is still MEDIA, and things are still misconstrued, exaggerated, and fear mongering. Sometimes, you have to put yourself first. So, I removed the app from my phone’s homepage, deleted the shortcut from Chrome, and turned my phone’s wifi off, so I wasn’t even tempted. This really helped writing wise, and I am even debating having a weekly ‘wifi shutdown’ for a day or two, because even if there isn’t some awful news happening, it’s still quite a healthy practice.

One of the things I’m slowly reaching is the middle section, which has always been my enemy. There’s a lot of talking, a lot of moving from room to room just to have more conversations. I have some sub plots running through the main plot too, but I am worried that the main plot is going to be lost. I think, once November is over, I’ll get to writing a story plan, because this middle bit really needs revising!

And now, for distractions! So, while the US elections put me in a downward spiral of anxiety and depression, anime is what brought me out of it, but also made sure I did not get those words down.

Yep, you read that correctly; anime. More specifically, a new show about professional ice skating, called Yuri on Ice. I’m not really known for living that anime life, but YOI is so hilarious and cosy, that I binged watched the whole six episodes that are currently out, drinking a hot chocolate under the covers. Thankfully, there aren’t seasons and seasons to watch and I have to wait for one episode a week, because can you imagine what that graph would look like if I have six seasons to get through? They would be non existent.

Music Inspiration (With thanks to the Trainspotting 2 trailer):

Picture Inspiration:


How is that middle section treatin’ ya? Let me know in the comments how Nanowrimo is going (or not going) for you!

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Dear Little Me,

I’ve always wanted to write to my younger self, but I’ve never felt old enough to have enough things to say. Even now, writing these sentences, I’m struggling what to write next. Isn’t it weird, that at 23, I’m feeling old? I never thought I ‘d see it…not because I thought I was going to die, just that it was so far away, in a different decade, where kids born in the 00’s are teenagers and not babies still.

I wanted to compose a list to you, Little Me, about the things to come. Not good or bad, some don’t fall into that category, just things. 

  1. The internet is going to blow your mind. The Sims 2 is still fantastic, but just wait until dad brings home your first broadband connection. You’re gonna get your own giant computer that sits in the corner of your bedroom, and you’ll never come off the internet. I can’t begin to tell you what it is, other than it is everything. You’ll make friends, connect with old friends, and learn so much that people in the real world may not tell you. It might aid in your unhealthy obsession with Harry Potter, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.
  2. I know moving homes constantly is tiring, and saying goodbye to friends is hard. But honestly, you’ll find a place that’s perfect, where the family will set up camp for life. And, before you get there, why not live in some spectacular plmeyoungaces while you’re at it? Cyprus, Wales, Weston-Super-Mare, West Midlands and finally, Bath. (Ok, maybe one of these places isn’t like the others. But you have fun in all of them.)
  3. In secondary school, please try. Becoming a teenager is the worst, you’re a mangle of emotions and everything is new and different. One of my biggest regrets is choosing subjects for GCSE that meant nothing. I didn’t choose them because I liked them, or even because I thought they were beneficial. I was told I was good at them, so I did them. Turns out, just because you’ve been told your whole life that you’re good at fine art, doesn’t mean you actually are. 
  4. While we’re at it, foreign languages. Learn them, love them. I know you do, don’t listen to teachers who say you’re not good enough. You are, and French and Spanish are waiting for you.
  5. You’re not fat. And, even if you were, you’d still be beautiful. People will still fancy you, people will still love and fall in love with you.
  6. Don’t get too upset over love. He loves you so much and will do for so long. But things change, people’s emotions change. You were good to each other, but now it’s time to move on.
  7. Yes, you do like girls the same way you like boys. No, not everyone feels that way. Yes, it’s perfectly normal.
  8. You’re parents aren’t always right. They want what’s best, but they don’t always have the answer. Just because you’re younger, just because you’re less experienced in life, doesn’t mean you’re wrong. Opinions are opinions, don’t copy theirs just because of who they are.
  9. Books are powerful. They’re slowly becoming important in your life. Just wait, just wait.
  11. University will be the best three years of your life. Bad things happen, of course, but it molds you in to the person you will become. Living alone, being independent, pushing yourself forward. It’s a beautiful thing.
  12. At 20, you’ll grieve a loved one for the first time. It’ll be hard after that, you’ll see people break down, people who you thought couldn’t. Celebrate life, maybe don’t think about death so much.
  13. Say YES more! I don’t mean to things you genuinely don’t want to do. But, say yes to that meetup, to new opportunities, to new places, to new food. People want you there for a reason, lasagna is popular for a reason, it’s fun because it is.
  14. And finally, do not make yourself small to make others feel bigger. Do not agree to make people happy, do not stay quiet so others can be louder. Support others, don’t let them stand on you to do it. What you say, how you feel, is important and valid.

Love from your friend,


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