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The Joys Of Learning A Language (And How You Can Do It Too)

I really love languages. Vague, I know. But I end up saying it to myself and others a lot. I just really like languages; my own language, languages I’m learning, languages I’m not, I just…*clenches fist*. While I know I’m not the only one, I often feel like the only person who wants to learn (and sometimes just hear!) another language. OK, language learning can be difficult. Language is woven into every aspect of life, and so to understand a whole other language is  ...

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This Time Next Year

I didn’t really know how to start this post. I was tagged by Alice at Ardently Alice (thankyou!), and I’ve only just realised that I do tend to think a lot about the future. I’ve been waiting for months for this year to end, to get to an important time to actually begin the  ...

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Dear Little Me,

I’ve always wanted to write to my younger self, but I’ve never felt old enough to have enough things to say. Even now, writing these sentences, I’m struggling what to write next. Isn’t it weird, that at 23, I’m feeling old? I never thought I ‘d see  ...

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