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Just Some Good LGBTQ+ Recs

As we all know, I love an LGBTQ+ book. For some, that could mean many different things. What constitutes as an LGBTQ+ books? What factors do we have to consider? For me, and LGBTQ+ book focuses on LGBTQ+ characters. It doesn’t have to be about their sexuality, it doesn’t have to be a coming out story, but the community themselves have to take centre stage. For example, there are books with LGBTQ+ characters (And I Darken, A Darker Shade of magic, Daisy Jones, etc), and then  ...

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Viper by Bex Hogan

What a quiet little loud book. Don’t know what I mean by that? Well, to me, Viper is one of those books that seems to have passed under the radar of a lot of fantasy lovers. Why? UKYA doesn’t have a big market for fantasy, and it blows my mind. This book had great publicity, a  ...

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