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Anti-Heroines, Nasty Girls, & Why I Love Them

Girl characters rock. I don’t care that there are so many. I don’t care that the majority of YA stories have female protagonists. It’s incredible, and I highly recommend reading about female protagonists because they have so many stories to tell. I have been to quite a few YA talks. 99% of the time, someone asks about the abundance of female protagonists in YA. “Don’t you think YA needs more male protagonists?” Every time it happens, I am grateful for  ...

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On Writing

RTP #1: In The Beginning…

In the beginning, I had an idea. This idea became dreams, day dreams, and conversations with anyone who would listen. This idea became words on a page, words on a screen. Pinterest boards. Playlists. Maps drawn on napkins and names taken from Facebook pages and baby names books. I sat in cafes  ...

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