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#PrideMonth: My Fave LGBTQ+ Books

So in case you didn’t know, LGBTQ+ representation in fiction is very slim. Genres upon themes upon age demographic, and only a small percentage of fiction has a gay character. It’s tragic, for a world that becomes more and more tolerant every day (or, at least we’d like to think so), the majority of fiction busies itself with the same old plots involving straight people. And don’t get me wrong; some of those stories are still fantastic. But, instead of asking why a  ...

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Monthly Favourites

Monthly Favourites: April

I’m still not great at these opening titles. Hell, I don’t think I’ll ever be. But this month was filled with spectacular online interaction that I hope won’t ever stop. Of really using the internet for it’s full potential, and for writing and reading like nothing  ...

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