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Let’s Talk About ARCs (For The Last Time)

(I wrote this post as this conversation was happening on Twitter. It’s now a few days later and without drudging it all up again, I still wanted to talk about it as a blogger who receives ARCs). It’s that time of year again. Or maybe this conversation happens more that once a year. However many times we talk about it, it always circles back around. ARCs, or Advanced Reading Copies are a weird thing. They’re both a blessing and a burden. A drain and a resource. I was first  ...

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Instagram Isn’t Fun Anymore

Is it a bold statement to say Instagram isn’t fun anymore? Regardless of the discourse surrounding social media and what it means to be addicted to or, dare I say it, enjoy it, social media has to have some kind of fun to keep its users from not jumping ship to another platform. I stopped  ...

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