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Soul Ripping Romance Tag | Hollieblog

There are so many blog tags going around, I can barely keep up. But I feel this one is going to be especially exciting because, while not reading a whole lot of romance, if it’s a romance I love, I LOVE IT. It’s crazy how much a hit and miss romance can be, but you know it’s good when you can’t stop smiling, your heart flutters just like the characters’ hearts do. A romance can make or break a book/show/movie, and the heart-wrenching, soul-ripping ones are the best.

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The Liebster Award

The Liebster Award is a fantastic way to find new blogs to love and learn about. I have never been nominated for a blog award before so this is such a surprise! I was nominated by the lovely likesof93, thank you so much! Here are some rules for when you’re nominated: Thank the blogger(s)  ...

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