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Let’s Talk About ARCs (For The Last Time)

(I wrote this post as this conversation was happening on Twitter. It’s now a few days later and without drudging it all up again, I still wanted to talk about it as a blogger who receives ARCs). It’s that time of year again. Or maybe this conversation happens more that once a year. However many times we talk about it, it always circles back around. ARCs, or Advanced Reading Copies are a weird thing. They’re both a blessing and a burden. A drain and a resource. I was first  ...

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Instagram Isn’t Fun Anymore

Is it a bold statement to say Instagram isn’t fun anymore? Regardless of the discourse surrounding social media and what it means to be addicted to or, dare I say it, enjoy it, social media has to have some kind of fun to keep its users from not jumping ship to another platform. I stopped  ...

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On Writing

“Well, what CAN I write?”

I often hear that question in all book community circles. in replies of tweets or in Youtube and Instagram comments sections. I’ve heard it during panels at conventions, talks, and interviews. Publishing is changing. The Young Adult community is growing and becoming more vocal, including  ...

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