Nanowrimo 2017 – Week Two (09-15)

Good evening, welcome to week two of Nanowrimo.

Each week of Nanowrimo, I have been giving you updates on my progress, where my inspiration has been coming from, and my plans for the next week.

My plans for next week are; have my 50,000 words already completed. And it’s looking pretty good.


I’ve been working so hard to keep up with my 2,250 word daily goal. but it’s a steep incline to what I’m used to. I feel so guilty when I don’t reach it, and usually add it to the next day, which usually causes more stress. But hey, I love adding unnecessary stress! I’m still on track to reach 50,000 by the end of this week, and today I should be able to reach 40,000, so I’m thinking about the positives.

Week two has also been the week of doubting myself, I barely slept last night wondering what was the point of even finishing the novel. But, it’s normal and have those anxious thoughts with almost every story I think of and begin; sometimes it kills the novel, sometimes it spurs me on. I’m hoping that this time it will be the latter.

Depending on the scene I’m writing, my music inspiration changes. This week, while also still listening to Stranger Things mashups, I’ve also been listening to a lot of fun, upbeat songs that I like to use during my fight scenes. Because come on, what a duo!

How are you doing? Writing-wise but also in life?

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Welcome, writers, to the best and most grueling month of the year.

National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo) is upon us, and what better way to kick this off with a little post on my Nano-history, as well as introducing you to my story and what I’ll be talking about non-stop for the whole month.

I’m Hollie, I’m a book blogger, reader and writer, currently unemployed (for the 2nd November in a row) and will be starting work experience with Penguin Random House on the 20th November (AHHHH). I’ve taken part in Nanowrimo four times, and have won four times (no pressure eh?). I took part in 2010, 2014, 2015 and 2016, taking a break between 2011 and 2013 while I was at uni.

This year I’m gonna be writing a novel that I have actually already written. While other years I’ve used plots that I devised purely for Nano that year, this story has been rolling around in my head since around 2006. Yeah. It’s been crushed and morphed and moulded into something I hold dear to my heart, and actually wrote a 100,000 word draft of last year.

I came back to it. And I hate it.

I have since made a half-assed plan to re-write it; the setting, some of the characters and some of the plot is still there, but it’s no use going back through this draft and editing a ton; it needs a new start. And I’ve found that Nanowrimo has never done me dirty (as my four years shows). So! Here’s my working synopsis:

In a world where memories are traded, manipulated, and fabricated, one teenage girl is paranoid that a precious memory has been taken from her.

With the help of her best friend and his high school drop-out crush, she’s determined to break into the underworld of illegal memory manipulation to find the infamous ‘Storyteller’, a genius technician who’s work is notorious across the city, and who she believes is the only one who can make her life feel whole again.

But notoriety comes with enemies, including the son and heir to the company with the only legal ability to manipulate memories, who will stop at nothing to bring The Storyteller and the entire underground network to it’s knees.

Now, remember when I casually mentioned that on the 20th November, I’ll be starting a two week work experience with Penguin Random House that finishes on the 1st December? Yes. YES IT IS HAPPENING DURING NANOWRIMO. I’ve got a plan that might help me out or completely ruin me.

To get to 50,000 words by 30th November, I have to write 1,666 words a day. But because of my work experience, I’m going to have next to no free time. I’m going to be in the office or on a cramped train or sleeping. I’m going to be leaving the house at around 7am and getting in at 7pm. I don’t want to completely stop writing for my two weeks, especially while being IN the publishing industry and being surrounded by book lovers and writers. So, I’ve decided I want to, instead of reaching 33,333 on the day my w/e starts (20th), I’m planning on reaching 45,000 words. That means I should be a whole 7 days ahead of myself. I can write, but I would only have 5,000 words to achieve in 2 weeks.

I can manage that right?

So, my daily word count goal for the next 20 days? 2,250.


I can do this. I can do this. *heavy sigh*

As usual, I’m going to be posting weekly updates on my progress, including music and picture inspiration, and my Nano profile is here. Let me know if you’re doing Nano and make sure to follow me on Twitter for live updates of me screaming into the abyss!

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I can’t believe a week of Nanowrimo has already passed.

And since this is the first November in a long time where I’ve had lots and lots of free time, I wanted to set an even harder challenge than usual and aim to reach 50,000 words a few days before November 30th.

So far, we’re looking good.


The first few days of writing your novel are, for me, the best days. I’m so excited to unravel a story that I don’t want to stop. I know the basic premise but I haven’t figured out each and every scene, so one will just come to me and I’ll think “Right! Get it on the page!” I’ve only recently delved into the world of novel planning and so far I really enjoy it. I began one for Royal Blood, but then suddenly November 1st arrived and I was spending too much time on the plan and not enough on the actual story.

At the moment, I’m just letting a million thoughts enter my brain, a lot of ‘What if THIS happened’ moments and then just letting it happen because hey, it’s just a first draft!

So Thursday 3rd November was the most productive writing day. The previous day I’d been in Oxford all day, and so needed to play catch up. However, I got so in the zone that I managed to beat Friday’s goal as well! I’m currently one day ahead, and working towards the next day’s goal each day, which is a pace I’d like to keep.

Of course, every week there are distractions, and this week was the reality television show Dance Moms. I used to be into the show so much a few years ago, but I stopped watching when I couldn’t binge watch because I’d watched them all (and because I’d discovered The Real Housewives of Orange County), but now I’m back down the rabbit hole and it’s awful. It eats up writing time, and so I’m trying to use it as a reward rather than as a thing that could physically minimize MS Word.

I’ve been letting music and Pinterest inspire me the most, as usual, and so;




If you want to know more about my novel, I wrote a little summary in my Nanowrimo intro post. How is your novel going? Do you find having a deadline works for you? Good luck and see you in week two!

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Welcome to November.

November, for many writers, is a time to get that story rolling around your brain onto the page. It turns out, deadlines are a great way for me to actually get shit done, and so every year I try my hand at National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), a competition that gets you to write 50,000 words in one month, with the reward being the first draft of a novel that YOU wrote.

I plan on chronicling my four weeks of writing with a little mini series where I wrap up the week. Kind of like my ‘Road to Publishing’ series, but on steroids. In this post, I just wanted to share the plot of my novel this year, as well as links and things where I talk about writing and where you can connect with me!

So far, my novel has the working title Royal Blood, which I wouldn’t mind keeping anyway. I don’t have a fancy, clean, worked out summary, so here’s a little ramble of ideas;

Set in a kingdom where winter dominates, a king is slowly dying. His two children, Marika and Gabriel Noskov, will never be ready for the throne. Gabriel, a soft-hearted, weak, and timid prince, prefers friendship with the servants and keeping his power of persuasion to himself. Marika, his younger sister, is soulless and uncaring, enjoying the presence of no one and reveling in the myth that she is a monster.

When other kingdoms hear of Gabriel Noskov’s inevitable rise to the throne, three princesses arrive to court with the determination to become his wife and Queen of Kamarov. But the positions of power are shifting, when Gabriel recognizes the power he holds, and Marika discovers her heart in one of the princesses.

Feel free to add me on Nanowrimo, and I’ll be tweeting a lot about writing and Nano-goodness over on Twitter. Happy writing!

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