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Ah, the travel bug.

It’s got me good. Before setting off to Copenhagen with a few friends last year, I hadn’t really been on holiday without my parents. Now, I’m thoroughly engrossed in researching all the places I want to visit. I am prepared to venture outside of Europe eventually, but not right now. Europe has so much to offer without flying more than three hours, which I think is an incredible privilege. I want to experience as much as I can in Europe before even thinking about going further afield. So, here are my travel plans (in no particular order).


travel plans vienna

I’ve always felt like I was destined to visit Austria. There have been so many almosts, without ever venturing there unless during long drives through just to get from one part of Bavaria to the other. Vienna wasn’t exactly anywhere near where I had travelled, but after seeing just a glimpse of Austria, I’m ready to see the beautiful Vienna in all her glory!


travel plans lisbon

Lisbon is a recent entry with me knowing very little about the city. My dad has visited in the past on business and had called it a ‘shit hole’. Granted, he hadn’t left the airport/hotel area of Lisbon which, if it’s anything like British airport locations; it’s not like strolling into Oxford or Whitley after you step off the plane. What really sealed the deal for me was my two friends visiting for a day while on a cruise and falling in love with it. I really feel like it’s a underrated city with lots of history, culture, and sun!


travel plans tallinn

Another city where I never considered visiting. My friend (who I usually travel with) suggested the beautiful Estonian capital to me when we were looking for colder, more Scandinavian looking places without actually going to Scandinavia again. Talinn is not Scandinavia, but it’s a wintry city enriched in beautiful architecture…my favourite kind of trip!


travel plans budapest

Now, I hate to compare cities. But when you fall in love with a place, all you want to do is go back or at least visit a variation of that place. I loved Prague, and I’ve heard Budapest is similar (but of course having it’s own thing going on). When my friend and I discuss travel plans, we had always uttered Prague and Budapest in the same breath. Instead, we chose Prague. That was a fantastic decision, but now I want to see the city that we didn’t choose first.


travel plans barcelona

I’ve wanted to visit Barcelona for a long time, but I was always put off because of the high crime rate against tourists. We all know that I’m an amateur traveller. And, in the beginning, the thought of going somewhere where I would be targeted in such a way made me not want to go anywhere near a city like Barcelona. However, now that I feel more comfortable taking public transport, bunking with strangers in hostels, and navigating cities as a tourist without making myself vulnerable, I’m ready to dive into this incredible city.


travel plans istanbul

This is a city that I’m so fascinated about, ever since I read The Conqueror’s Trilogy by Kiersten White. I love that this is considered the meeting point between East and West, with inspiration, architecture, and culture that are neither ‘this’ or ‘that’ part of the world. I am also so eager to visit a few mosques and Islamic landmarks which look so spectacular just from the pictures.


travel plans norway

Noticed I haven’t put a city? There was always a plan to visit Oslo, ever since I started watching Skam. But to me, only visiting the capital would be a waste. My friend and I plan to land in Oslo, then carry on by train to Bergen, Trondheim, maybe even get in a cheeky day in Flåm, and then onto Tromsø. Norway will hopefully be the place I move to in my later years of life, but we’ll see. We’ll see.

Where are your travel plans? Where do you want to visit next? Let me know in the comments! Maybe even suggest places for me to visit?



  1. maximcartography

    October 19, 2018 at 4:41 pm

    Yes I love Budapest! Vienna, Istanbul, Lisbon and Barcelona were also spectacular. I’ve written a blog on Barcelona at

    Thanks for featuring these lovely and dreamy cities.

  2. kirstyreadsblog

    October 29, 2018 at 11:08 am

    I really want to go to Istanbul, it’s such a shame that that part of the world is in such a mess these days because it’s so beautiful

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