An Amateur’s Review of Culture Smart!’s Denmark Guide

I miss Denmark.

My first trip as an amateur traveller was to the capital, Copenhagen. I was sick of life in the UK, and needed to blow some cobwebs off, even if it was just for a few days.

It was the first time I’d left the country without my family and enjoyed myself. I felt free, independent, and could tell how much I’d grown from that short trip.

I’ve always thought that Denmark itself played a huge part in that. Would I have felt this way if I’d travelled for the first time somewhere else? Who knows. But Denmark, and specifically, Copenhagen, welcomed me with open arms and made me want to return to Scandinavia again and again.

Culture Smart!

So, when Culture Smart! got in touch about reviewing their new Denmark Guide, how could I say no?

Now, this guide was quite a bit different to what I usually read. My preferred introduction to a country is in the perspective of someone also just visiting. Hence the creation of my Amateur’s Guide; I wanted other new travellers to have a resource to refer to when finding things to do, places to see, and how to travel around these beautiful cities.

But Culture Smart!’s Denmark is more about integrating into Danish life, which I think is an essential read for anyone looking to spend the long term in Denmark or even straight up moving there.

Whether it’s learning the history of your new home or indulging in some of the cultural quirks of the Danish people, you’ll find it here. I particularly loved reading about Hygge, the Danish phenomenon of creating a cosy, warm and happy environment – definitely a must when living in what can be a very cold country!

I think, even when I’m just travelling for a short time, Culture Smart!’s guide books can still be a great introduction in experiencing what the nation experiences. While I loved visiting Copenhagen, I would have loved to understand more about the language, the food, and the way of life. When I visit another country, I always try and greet and ask questions in the country’s language, as well as find the country’s staple food.

But I would truly recommend going all in. Especially if you’re travelling for work or having a full-on ‘staycation’, and this guide would be a very handy introduction into that.

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